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We are a franchisee of ANGEL BROKING LTD , leading Indian online share broking firm. We offer our clients the opportunity to invest and trade in equity and equity derivatives, commodities, fixed income products and currency futures. We also directly facilitate clients who wish to trade in equity online via our in-house, customized and ready to use software – Pointer – which enables seamless processes and flawless execution. We adhere to a well-defined risk management system and settlement mechanism thereby conducting fully compliant operations.

Beyond investment avenues, the ANGEL BROKING LTD Group is constantly committed to providing investors with access to timely and relevant research and data to ensure an informed and fruitful investment experience.

More and more people are trading shares online, in the form of share CFDs. This allows you to take advantage of price movements without actually owning the shares you trade. The stock market is extremely volatile and every change in the price of a specific share, up or down, means an opportunity for online traders. Why? Because when you trade with iFOREX you can choose to either ‘short’ or ‘long’ your position, potentially taking advantage of any price change.

How to decide which shares to trade

With such a large variety of leading share CFDs, it is easy to understand why some traders feel a bit confused when they have to choose, not knowing where to begin. We wish we could tell you which share to start with, but there isn’t one, clear answer. You see, choosing which share or shares to invest in depends completely on your own preferences. Novice traders often prefer to start with shares they know well or can easily obtain information about. More experienced traders might choose to diversify their portfolio by investing in a wider variety of shares. Take your time looking through your options and then make an informed decision.

Trading shares with leverage

One of the greatest benefits of trading share CFDs with iFOREX is that you can open large deals with a relatively small investment. This is thanks to a unique tool called ‘leverage’, which enables you to boost your trading power by up to 20 times. So, if you invest $500, you can open a deal on shares of up to $10,000. Amazing, right?

This means that for every $1 you invest, you have $20 in trading power.

Leverage can help you maximize your trading power. However, using leverage requires some experience, because when you amplify your trading power, you also take on increased risk, and you need to learn how to use this tool to your advantage.

The key elements of online share trading

There are many key benefits to trading share CFDs with iFOREX, and here are just a few:

  • Trade shares with leverage of up to 20:1

  • You can trade regardless of whether a share price is rising or falling

  • Trade with automatic trading tools such as Stop Loss and Take Profit

  • Receive free personal training and education resources

  • Invest in share with ease with advanced trading platforms

Keep in mind that when you trade with the bank, for example, many of these elements don’t exist. Banks charge commission at their own discretion, they don’t offer leveraged trading and rarely supply you with free resources and training.